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Welcome to my website. Here you will find various stuff I’ve produced over the years. Enjoy!—Scott Severance


Here is my resume.

Most Popular

Time Calculator—This is the most popular page on my website. It’s an easy-to-use time calculator, just as the name implies.


  • Christianity: Here are some Christianity papers that I've written. Featured: “Rhythm in the Church.”
  • Computing: I’ve produced various computer-related resources in a variety of subjects. Featured: Silent Countdown Timer.
  • Music: Featured: “The Story of Jesus,” a choral Christmas program. Other stuff: The most up-to-date parts of this section are resources for people doing music with me in person. For this reason, they aren't indexed by search engines and are intentionally a bit hard to find. In addition, there are a couple songs I’ve written and there’s an old research paper here.
  • Gallery: This section is for some of the various pictures I’ve taken. This is rather old stuff. More recent pictures are on Facebook and are only visible to my Facebook friends.
  • Other stuff: Evaluation of The Cure for All Cancers

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