Fed By a Cat


Title: Fed By a Cat #faith, #trust, #deliverance


  • 2017-07-29: White Rock Lake


Ivan lived some time ago in a country called the Soviet Union, where there was no freedom. In particular, the government tried to prevent people from knowing God. So, they made it illegal to publish and sell Bibles.

At first, Ivan didn’t care about that. He didn’t know God, and he didn’t know the Bible. But eventually, Ivan learned about God and the Bible. He decided he had to help the other people in his country get to know God, too.

After a while, Ivan came up with a plan. He’d gotten a Bible somewhere, and he decided he wanted to copy it. He found a small room in the center of his house under the staircase. Because the room was in the center of the house, it was easier to hide sounds from people outside. Then, he covered the walls with blankets to further soundproof the room. Finally, he built a hidden storage area under the floor, in case anyone searched his house.

Once the room was set up, Ivan somehow managed to get a typewriter and put it in his room. It was illegal for him to have a typewriter; the government carefully controlled who was allowed to have typewriters. But he managed to get one anyway.

With all that completed, Ivan got to work. He was typing the Bible. He used carbon paper to make twelve copies at once.

Maybe you’ve never seen carbon paper before. You can use it to make copies of stuff you write, but you have to push hard as you write—or type. Because Ivan was making so many copies, he had to hit each typewriter key really hard. So, he could only type slowly with two fingers.

He worked hard for a long time. He was really happy that he could make copies of the Bible for other people to read. And he was happy that his room allowed him to type without being heard.

But, his room wasn’t perfect. One day, someone heard some strange sounds coming from his house and called the police.

Suddenly, Ivan heard loud banging on his door.

“Open up! It’s the police,” a voice shouted.

Hurriedly, Ivan began to try to hide his typewriter and papers in the hiding place he’d built. But before he could finish, the police broke the door down and found him, typewriter, Bible, and all.

The police took his Bible and his copies and his typewriter outside the house to the street. They burned the Bible and papers, then they drove their truck over the typewriter and smashed it.

When they finished, they took Ivan to jail. When he arrived, the jailer met him.

“Why do you believe these false stories?” the jailer demanded. “Don’t you know that there is no God?”

“I know that God exists and that He loves and cares for me,” Ivan replied.

“God takes care of you?” the jailer scoffed. “Ha! We’ll see about that! I’m putting you in solitary confinement for seven days. You won’t see anyone. You’ll get water, but you won’t get any food. One week. We’ll see if your God really can take care of you!”

Then, one of the guards grabbed Ivan and shoved him down onto the hard concrete floor of the cell where he was to spend the next week alone. Then, the door slammed shut and it was dark. So dark that Ivan couldn’t even see his hand when he held it up in front of his face.

Before long, Ivan was really hungry. He knelt and prayed, “Dear God, I know that the jailer said that I wouldn’t receive any food while I’m in here. But I’d appreciate it if You’d show your power by providing me something to eat. However, if You don’t, it’s OK. I trust You.”

Before Ivan finished praying, he heard a sound. It sounded like a cat purring. He reached out his hand in the dark and felt something soft. It was a cat!

Ivan was busy petting the cat when he noticed something in its mouth. He took it out and discovered that it was a long loaf of French bread. He removed the piece that had been in the cat’s mouth, put it in his pocket, thanked God, and ate the bread.

The next day, the cat returned. Again, it was carrying a loaf of bread. Again Ivan removed the part that had been in the cat’s mouth, put it in his pocket, thanked God, and ate the bread. Every day, the cat brought him a loaf of bread.

Finally, on the seventh day, the cell door opened. The jailer asked Ivan, “So, how well has your God fed you since you’ve been in my jail?”

Ivan replied, “I’ve eaten very well.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the bread pieces. Then he counted them out for the jailer: “One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six.”

“Who’s the traitor?” the jailer shouted angrily. “Who gave you food?”

Just then, the cat appeared, carrying another loaf of bread in its mouth. Ivan pointed at it and said, “Seven.”

“What—How—Why—” the jailer stammered. “Th-that’s my cat! And that’s my bread!”

“You see,” said Ivan quietly, “God really can take care of me.”

Stunned, the jailer ordered Ivan, “Get out! Get out of here! And don’t let me see you again!” And with that, Ivan was free.


You see, God is able to take care of us in situations big and small. He wants to be our Friend. Will you let Him?