Series: Bible Stories

Title: Bartimaeus Seeing Jesus, the Way


  • 2006-11-11: Tyler / Week of Prayer

Scripture: Mark 10:46-52

  1. Have you ever wanted something really badly?–When I was a kid I wanted a new bike—saved up for it—do you know anyone who’s blind?
  2. Blind Bartimaeus—Mark 10:46-52
    1. Beggar—can’t find a job—couldn’t see to work in the fields—couldn’t see to make pottery
    2. Probably didn’t have many friends
    3. One desire—to see
    4. The way—Jesus
  3. Lessons
    1. He believed that Jesus could heal him
    2. Jesus wanted to see him—He wants to listen to our prayers, as well
    3. He can take our lives and make them into something great
    4. Bartimaeus followed Jesus