Step Forward


Series: Bible Stories

Title: Step Forward Crossing the Red Sea and the Jordan River: Growing in faith


  • 2012-05-05: 광주
  • 2015-04-11: White Rock Lake

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  3. Israel and water
    1. Exodus 14: Crossing the Red Sea
      1. The Israelites have just left Egypt and are camped by the Red Sea. Now, they see the Egyptian army approaching
      2. God tells Moses to stretch out his hand over the sea. During the night, God sends a strong east wind which dries up the sea and creates a path for them in the morning. Meanwhile, the pillar of cloud/fire that had gone before them moves in behind them so that the Egyptians can’t overtake them.
      3. This deliverance was easy for Israel. They had ample evidence that God intended to deliver them when they saw a road open up in front of them overnight.
    2. Joshua 3: Crossing the Jordan River
      1. Israel has had 40 years of experience with God
      2. This time, the water didn’t stop flowing until the priests’ feet touched the water
      3. They had only God’s word to rely on. The priests had to step forward into the water before God acted on His promise.
  4. How did Jesus usually heal people?
    1. Get up and walk; touch; usually immediate
    2. Most of the time, He didn’t require a whole lot of faith up front.
    3. Luke 17:11-14 – Ten lepers healed not immediately but as they were going to the priests
  5. Spiritual life is also progressive
    1. We must keep moving forward.
    2. When we learn new things, we must apply it.
    3. A time is coming when we will face trials such as we haven’t faced before. Jeremiah 12:5


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