The Remnant


Series: Fundamental Beliefs

Title: 13. The Remnant Belief 13: The #Remnant and Its Mission


  • 2007-08-11: Linden
  • 2007-08-18: Atlanta
  • 2021-03-06: Birmingham First Church


  1. 619: “Lead On, O King Eternal”
  2. 522: “My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less”
  3. 308: “Wholly Thine”

Scripture: Revelation 12:13-17

New Version

  1. @ Introduction
    1. From time to time, I have conversations with people about certain of our doctrines that make them uncomfortable.
    2. The concept of a “remnant church” makes many people uneasy.
    3. When someone says, “My church is the remnant church,” it can seem arrogant or exclusionary.
    4. We’re going to examine this concept in greater detail.
  2. Revelation 12—the setting
    1. vv 1-6 (define woman and serpent); then v. 13 (note that there is at this point a persecution against God’s people, but Satan’s attacks are thwarted by God’s protection.)
    2. The Remnant (v. 17)
      1. Remnant: rest or remainder, those who are faithful to Jesus
  3. @ Four Characteristics of the Remnant
    1. Revelation 12:17— @ 1. Obedience to God’s commandments
      1. @ 1 John 2:3-6—obedience is a sign of our salvation because it’s a sign that we know Jesus
      2. @ Matthew 22:36-40—the greatest commandment: love God, yourself, and your neighbor
      3. Keeping the commandments isn’t about mere outward compliance
        1. (Ill: driving from Dallas to Atlanta without cruise control; in GA, cops everywhere)
        2. Ill: Pharisees keeping the Sabbath and killing Jesus
        3. It can only be done in the context of a relationship with Jesus.
        4. @ Isaiah 64:6: All our righteous acts not done in relationship with Jesus are worthless.
    2. @ Revelation 12:17—Hold to the testimony of Jesus
      1. What is the testimony of Jesus?
      2. Aspect 1 - 2. Listen to and accept the word of God’s spokespeople (defer)
        1. @ Definition: Revelation 19:10—the spirit of Prophecy
        2. @ x2 Prophet: An official spokesperson for God (see Exodus 6:28-7:2)
        3. @ 1 Thessalonians 5:20, 21: God’s remnant listens to and accepts the word of God’s prophets
          1. The Bible
          2. Other true prophets who meet the scriptural qualifications, remembering that the Bible is the highest authority and should be our primary source of study
        4. @ (On screen: Aspect 1)
      3. Aspect 2 - 3. Maintain a saving relationship with Jesus (defer)
        1. The phrase “testimony of Jesus” can be interpreted two different ways: “Jesus’s testimony” or “testimony about Jesus.”
        2. @ x2 John 5:31, 32, 36, 37: Witness = testimony. What is Jesus’ testimony? He defers to the Father’s testimony
        3. @ x2 1 John 5:9-12 – What is God’s testimony about Jesus? Eternal life is in Jesus.
        4. Remember that our righteousness is as filthy garments. Zechariah 3:1-9: Cleansing us is God’s role, and the testimony of Jesus brings salvation and enables us to keep the commandments of God.
        5. @ (On screen: Aspect 2)
    3. @ Revelation 14:12— @ 4. the Remnant remains faithful to Jesus, no matter what
      1. (This doesn’t reference the remnant directly, but it’s thematically linked.)
  4. Implications of the Remnant (((be remnant people)))
    1. You may notice that the characteristics of the remnant are individual characteristics first.
      1. Before we even think about a church, we’re called to be remnant people.
      2. @1 John 5:12: Is this true for you? Do you have the testimony of Jesus? Do you maintain a saving relationship with Jesus? Do you keep the commandments of God? Are you determined to remain faithful to Jesus, no matter what?
    2. @ The church
      1. Is comprised of individual people. While no church is perfect, there are many people in our church who actively remain remnant people.
      2. A church that actively encourages people to be remnant people can be called a remnant church. I believe this church is a remnant church.
      3. It can be expected that remnant people will want to be a part of such a church.
      4. The point isn’t to find fault with other people or other churches; the point is to “follow the Lamb wherever He goes” (Rev. 14:4).
  5. Appeal:
    1. Be remnant people.

Old Version

  1. The visible Remnant
    1. Part of a church that teaches the truth as it is in scripture
    2. God’s followers ought to be a part of His remnant church
  2. The invisible Remnant
    1. Those who accept and follow the truth
    2. As is the case with the church, church membership doesn’t automatically include a person in the invisible Remnant.
  3. Warning
    1. We can spend a lot of time refuting the errors of various groups, but unless our focus is on the truth, we are setting ourselves up for deception, because the devil will always have yet another falsehood available
    2. The message of the Remnant is a call for each of us to examine our lives and confess and surrender anything that is out of harmony with God’s truth