Jacob Blesses Joseph’s Sons


Series: Life of Joseph

Title: 11. Jacob Blesses Joseph's Sons Genesis 48: Being a #blessing


  • 2016-04-09: White Rock Lake

  1. Introduction
    1. Funny story: Blessing by the laying on of hands
    2. Setting
      1. 17 years have passed since Joseph’s family has arrived in Egypt
      2. Jacob, aka Israel, is now about to die at the age of 147
  2. Genesis 48:1-4
    1. Jacob begins by recounting God’s blessings
    2. God’s blessings in Genesis
      1. Genesis 1:26-28: God blesses Adam and Eve. God’s blessings enable us to carry out His will.
      2. Genesis 2:2-3: Sabbath
        1. Dr. 이상구 and Sabbath blessings
        2. God’s blessings affect our life-setting
      3. Genesis 26:12, 13: Sometimes God’s blessings bring wealth; whether we have wealth or not, we should be thankful and not envious
    3. God’s blessings by condition
      1. When we have certain attributes, God blesses us
        1. Matthew 5:2-12: The Beatitudes
  3. Genesis 48:8-16
    1. Jacob blesses Joseph’s sons
    2. Are we encouragers?
      1. 1 Thessalonians 5:9-11: Our words should build up, not tear down
      2. Hebrews 10:24, 25: Encouragement and blessing is one reason for the church—and it’s why Internet church, watching 3ABN instead of attending church, etc., is such a bad idea for those who are able to attend in person.
      3. Proverbs 11:25: Being a blessing is in itself a blessing
      4. Key → Zechariah 8:13: When we’re right with God, we become a blessing