Dead or Alive?


Series: Romans

Title: 8. Dead or Alive? Romans 5:18-6:14: God's grace


  • 2006-08-19: Marshall
  • 2006-08-26: Linden


  1. 470: “There’s Sunshine in My Soul Today”
  2. 311: “I Would Be Like Jesus”

Scripture: Romans 6:1-4

  1. Introduction
  2. Review of Romans so far:
    1. Everyone has sinned and there’s no excuse for it
    2. God offers salvation to all
    3. We’re beginning the third major section now
  3. Romans 5:18-21 (esp. v. 20)—God’s grace covers all sin
    1. There is nothing anyone can do that is too evil for God’s grace
    2. Our works have nothing to do with salvation
    3. Jesus’ works enable us to receive God’s grace
  4. Romans 6:1-7—God’s grace changes us
    1. This should be the basis for all moral teaching
    2. The meaning of baptism
      1. Not merely that we’ve accepted a set of doctrines
      2. Rather, that we’ve accepted God’s grace and salvation and are dying to our sinful past
      3. It also symbolizes that face that God frees us from the power of sin
  5. Romans 6:10-14—Don’t serve sin
    1. The ability to be free from sin comes only by the grace of God
    2. We are free from living sinful lives, not because of the law, but because of grace (see also vv. 15-16)
    3. We are no longer servants of sin
    4. Ill: Quitting smoking when converted

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