The Power of Words


Series: Romans

Title: 13. The Power of Words Romans 9:30-10:17


  • 2007-02-10: Linden
  • 2007-02-17: Marshall


  1. 518: “Standing on the Promises”
  2. 522: “My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less”

Scripture: Romans 10:8-13

  1. Introduction
  2. Romans 9:30-10:4—Israel didn’t pursue righteousness by faith, but were ignorant
    1. vv. 30, 31—despite all their work, Israel didn’t attain righteousness. Why?
    2. v. 32—They didn’t pursue the law leading to righteousness by faith
    3. vv. 2, 3—They had plenty of zeal, but didn’t submit to God’s righteousness
      1. All the hedges they set around the law demonstrate their zeal, yet the religious leaders ended up killing Jesus
      2. Any time our emphasis on keeping the law is stronger than our emphasis on Jesus and our relationship with Him, we’re in the same category as Israel.
    4. v. 4—end of the law τέλος: “outcome, result, goal, aim, fulfillment”
      1. Luke 22:37: “What is written about me is reaching its τέλος.”
      2. The goal, the fulfillment of the law is Christ. In other words, it points to Him.
  3. Romans 10:5-13—Confessing that Jesus is Lord and calling on Him
    1. It’s about faith
    2. Salvation is a matter of confessing Jesus and believing in Him
  4. Romans 10:14-17—Faith comes through hearing, and hearing through the word of God
    1. Luke 10:38-42—Mary and Martha: One was doing, the other was listening
    2. We need to spend time listening to God