Elders’ Meeting: 2021-08-10 - Sermon on the Mount


Title: Elders' Meeting: 2021-08-10 - Sermon on the Mount

  1. My girlfriend and I have recently finished reading through the Sermon on the Mount together. In the past, I’ve always focused on individual parts, but this time what really stood out was the overarching themes of the sermon. I wanted to hit some highlights.
  2. Overall theme: Genuine Christianity
    1. Introduction: the beatitudes: Blessings for those who humbly and sincerely live for God
    2. Body: Multiple examples of what this means:
      1. 5:13, 14: Be bold and genuine in your works
      2. 5:21-48: Don’t try to skate by on technicalities of the law
      3. 6:1-24: Giving, Praying, Fasting, Money: It isn’t about making a show; it’s about being genuine. We shouldn’t be hypocrites.
      4. 6:25-34: Since we’re not looking to impress others, we shouldn’t worry, but seek God’s kingdom and righteousness first.
      5. 7:1-23:
        1. Because we’re not to be hypocritical, we shouldn’t be judgmental, but should instead treat people how we would like to be treated.
        2. By the same token, the fruits of a genuine follower of God will reveal that status. Conversely, doing good works for show won’t get you anywhere.
    3. Conclusion: 7:24-27: What to build your house on. Living genuinely provides the solid foundation.
  3. Application
    1. A one-word definition of leadership is “influence.” As elders our job is to influence the congregation. The question is, how will we influence them. Or more specifically, how will we influence the congregation to live genuinely?