Prayer Meeting: Psalm 108


Title: Prayer Meeting: Psalm 108

  1. Meta
    • 2023-11-08: RHI Prayer Meeting
  2. Read
    1. Read Psalm 108 in three different Bible translations.
  3. Understanding (what does the text say? What does the text mean?)
    1. Background: “sn Psalm 108. With some minor variations, this psalm is a composite of Ps 57:7-11 (see vv. 1-5) and Ps 60:5-12 (see vv. 6-13).” (NET Bible note)
    2. Who wrote this psalm?
    3. What does it mean for God to divide up Shechem and the Valley of Succoth?
      1. Shechem is west of the Jordan River and Succoth is east of the Jordan
    4. Why does God refer to different places as His?
      1. Gilead was east of the Jordan in the territory of Manasseh.
      2. Ephraim was a major tribe located west of the Jordan
      3. Casting a shoe over Edom: possibly meaning that Edom is a servant
    5. Why does it bother David that God has apparently rejected Israel?
    6. What message is contained in the verses 12, 13?
  4. Application
    1. What message from this psalm particularly hits home for you?
    2. What do you think that God wants you to do about this psalm?
    3. What can you share with someone else this week?