Welcome - Launchpad


Title: Welcome - Launchpad

  1. Intro - Cape Canaveral - Space Shuttle Launch
  2. Launching a new ministry here
    1. When Steve announced he was leaving, most people in the church were shocked. Some were probably happy to see him go, but I talked with many people who were upset by the news. I remember a number of conversations I had with people about how God had made it clear that Steve needed to move, and how he and I both thought that it was perhaps time for someone with a different set of gifts to lead the church to the next level.
    2. During the transition period, we as a church spent time praying for God’s guidance in the direction of the church and who would be the next pastor. When Christian and Angela were here to interview, they also told us that they wouldn’t make any decision to move unless they too believed that it was God’s will.
    3. And here we are. I believe that it’s clear that God has led the Ronalds family to join us here at BFC.
  3. As we welcome our new pastor and his family, I want us to consider a Bible passage that most of us know well: Revelation 14:6, 7. We at BFC have a clear mission given to us by God, and Christian is here to lead us in fulfilling it.
  4. I want to ask the church to commit to the following:
    1. Welcome the Ronalds family with open arms.
    2. Daily pray for God’s will to be done in our church.
    3. Show a Christlike spirit to the Ronalds family in good times and bad.
    4. Be actively involved in the ministry of the church, under Christian’s leadership, to share the everlasting Gospel with those we come in contact with.
  5. As we launch a new ministry, we aren’t launching a space shuttle to circle the earth; we’re launching a mission to heaven, and we want to bring as many people with us as we can.