Praise Team Set List for October 14, 2023


Bass guitarDaniel MoyerHas amp that will need to be plugged in
GuitarScott SeveranceWill need two mics on two stands: One for singing and one in front of guitar
ViolinJeremiah Manuel 
VocalsScott Severance 
 Tendi Severance 

Set List

CategorySongNum.KeySlides / LyricsNotes
Song serviceHe Hideth My Soul520ALyrics 
 I Would Draw Nearer to Jesus310GLyrics 
Opening songYe Watchers and Ye Holy Ones91CLyrics 
Prayer songNow Dear Lord As We Pray671CLyricsBefore prayer: Whole song; after prayer: Amen
Children’s storyWhen He Cometh218D  
Special MusicDraw me Nearer306D  
Closing songSweet, Sweet Spirit262DLyricsNote: At the end of the song, we will go back to “Sweet Holy Spirit…” and continue on again until the end.
PostludeAre you washed in the blood of the Lamb? G  

Possible Future Songs

To add a song to this list, either send a message to the WhatsApp group or leave a comment below. Also, please share your feedback about the songs currently on the list.

Library of already-made song lead sheets

These songs have a demo recording linked. In the lead sheet, look in the info box for the link. Note that the recording is for learning the song, and doesn’t necessarily represent the arrangement that we will sing if we choose the song.